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Having your mobile phone device lock down, or constantly freezing down is an unpleasant situation which required professional help. Private Investigators Plymouth, among other services, offers its clients the services of our phone forensics department, with our highly skilled and professional phone forensics experts solving phone related problems of all types.

Similar to phones that use land lines, mobile phone devices can also be bugged, when a person accidentally downloads malicious software which is then used by intruders to monitor the calls for the purpose of extracting confidential information. Our clients can rest assured, if they hire Private Investigators Plymouth, that they mobile phone is safe and protected.

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In the current modern world, social media is not a new thing. Apparently, we cannot do without social media, as it is coupled with various benefits. For instance, it is an ideal platform to socialize, meet new friends as well as catch up with your already existing friends. Actually, social media has myriads of advantages, including for companies, which use the platform for advertisements and other things. However, it is all fun until that time you experience cyber bullying. Cyber bullying simply refers to the virtual harassment of an individual on the social media. Actually, cyber bullying is fuelled by the fact that some people are using fake identities thus can walk away with it. Nonetheless, one can be bullied basing on things such as, race, physical appearance, tribe among things. This kind of harassment can be very disturbing to an individual, as it can get personal sometimes.

Phone Forensics in Plymouth

Moreover, stress emanating from cyber bullying can sometime affect someone's general life. For instance, poor performances in school, isolating oneself from certain groups or even lower someone's self-esteem. This problem can affect anyone regardless of their age, however, parents should be more diligent when they see their children showing some strange behaviours. As they can put in place corrective and preventive measures, so that he or she can know whatever happens in his or her Child's life. In this context, a young lad began to exude some queer behaviours, such as sudden quietness at home. These weird characteristics made his mother curious about what was happening in his life. In the bid to find out what went wrong in his life, the mum made an effort to visit the young man's school but the teachers affirmed that everything was all right at school. Moreover, the teachers reassured the mum that nothing was wrong, but she still had a strong feeling that, something could be wrong somewhere. In addition, she was tempted to check on the lad's phone as well as his internet use, but this was not possible. She could not find any relevant information in the phone.

Therefore, the client approached the Plymouth private detectives where they discussed in depth concerning the whole issue. Nevertheless, one day the young lad forgot his phone when going to school, which the mother took advantage of and initiated some investigation. Thereafter, she took the phone to the private detective agency in Plymouth where the private investigators promised to look into the matter. Here they used phone forensics to check what was going on in the lad's life by checking on the phone. Actually, phone forensics entails the technique of retrieving data from a phone under certain special conditions. The detectives Plymouth UK, were able to scrutinize the phone and managed to get what was happening. The data retrieved included things such as images, videos, messages and the internet history. In addition, the Plymouth detectives went a notch higher to download parental monitoring software on the phone, which allowed the parent to track and monitor what took place on the phone in a non-invasive manner. After a successful investigation, the mum realized that the young man was being cyber bullied and it affected him badly. The parental control software enabled her to track what was happening on his phone without his knowledge. The nature of this investigation made it easy to find the root cause of the problem, and eventually offer the best opportunity to solve it appropriately with young lad.

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