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Performing a lie detector test includes several stages, the most obvious one being the actual test taken by the client and performed by Plymouth Private Investigators. The second stage, arguably the most important one, is the analysis of the data gathered through testing the client, and our private detectives are qualified to perform such an analysis.

Private Investigators Plymouth, as fully qualified members of British and European Polygraph Association, are most capable private investigators to consult in cases that might benefit from the use of a polygraph test. This includes a wide spectrum of different cases, ranging from corporate investigations, to marital problems and many more. If you need a lie detector test performed outside the Plymouth area we would recommend

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Plymouth Lie Detector Test

Trust is key factor for any successful relationship. A relationship life span depends on the ability of an individual to believe what his or her partner says. Everybody wants to be in this kind of relationship where honesty and trust is paramount. However, you cannot also nod to everything blindly, without knowing what it entails, or whether it is true. Therefore, what can you do in this case? Ideally, research study reveals that most people are wallowing deep in trust issues, entangled with fear of knowing the truth. Nonetheless, you have all the rights to know the truth of every aspect of your partner, for example, if she or he is feeling well or even upset with you. In this situation, one should embark on ways of trying to find out the truth. Actually, one can use tools such as, lie detectors in order to tell whether someone is saying the truth concerning certain things. In fact, you always hear about lie detecting devices all the time in critical investigations such as police interrogations, government jobs among other things. The core aim of a lie detector is to determine whether a person is lying or telling the truth about certain queries. However, despite the sneakiness of the process, it greatly helps. Nonetheless, the nature of this process makes everything very sensitive, for instance, risk failing to get the right results. Moreover, it creates an awful feeling of rejection and distrust between the parties involved. Because of this reasons, a professional should be employed, who knows how to conduct such investigations. In this context, a client is somehow suffering from some trust issues with her boyfriend and she really wants to change the boyfriends' perceptions. Actually, the girlfriend is pregnant but the boyfriend has a feeling, that the pregnancy could not be his. Furthermore, the boyfriend claims that his girlfriend could be having an illegal affair with another man, though the girlfriend is adamant about the whole issue.

Lie Detector Test in Plymouth

Therefore, they want to prove the girlfriends' innocence, and they approached Plymouth private detectives for a professional help. The detective agency is filled with qualified Plymouth detectives who can perfectly execute polygraph test to any client, regardless of their situation. The detective Plymouth UK, decided to put the woman on the lie detector test, in order to find the naked truth. Here, the private investigators attached some sensors onto the woman's body, which was meant to send signals on a special paper or rather graph. The sensors were used to record essential body changes such as, pulse rate, breathing rate, blood pressure among other things. During the test, the private investigators posed essential questions to establish whether she was saying the truth while taking close look at the body changes.

The lie detector test showed there were no significant body changes when she was being investigated. However, huge changes such as fast pulse rate and perspiration could have indicated that the girlfriend is lying about the pregnancy. The private investigation business offered the client with a reliable result, which was also cost effective. The lie detector proved the woman's innocence and more so, refuted the promiscuity claims with another man.

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